“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates.
The great teacher INSPIRES.”
– W. A. Ward

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Marjo-Riikka is currently working exclusively on a production, so the next class/coaching availability will be in April 2018

New private clients by agent/manager/client referral only

Marjo-Riikka will be in Los Angeles only for a few months, so hurry to take advantage of the new offerings for intensive training in 2018!!!

1. Technique (once or twice a week)
The Foundation. Harnessing the Psychophysical Imagination, Building the Acting Muscles, Connecting with imagination, the artistic self, and fellow players. 

Sundays 3-6pm, March 18th- April 8th (SOLD OUT)
Saturdays 1-4pm, May 5th – May 26th (SOLD OUT) 
*To get on waiting list for the May class, call 213-509-5315
New class added on Thursdays 11am-2pm May 10th – May 31st (4 spots available)
* 1 class per week $275/month
* 2 classes per week $375/month

2. Mastering Your Close Up
April 21st & 22nd 12-6pm (SOLD OUT)
June 2nd & 3rd, 12-6pm  (2 SPOTS AVAILABLE)

3. Michael Chekhov Technique Character Development, 8 week intensive
Tuesdays 11am-3pm, April 17th – June 5th  (8 weeks)
$550 (SOLD OUT) *To get on waiting list, call 213-509-5315

4. Scene Study
TBA in June

Marjo-Riikka’s Private Coaching sessions are booking up already.
Sessions booked for the months of April and May, still availability in June.








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“Everyone will have an opinion about your acting, and anyone can try to give you feedback, but Marjo-Riikka has this special gift in knowing how to inspire you to reach your utmost potential. She will help you work through your creative blocks, right when the nerves come up or the acting block hits. Marjo-Riikka is filled with this special kind of light, that will make yours shine brighter too!” 




with Marjo-Riikka Makela

This is where your inspiration, your emotional availability, and your physical freedom, starts!
This class serves as a workout class for all levels of  actors, and is a foundation for all our work together!
Next workshop in Los Angeles will be in March 2018.


“Marjo-Riikka will inspire you to your best performance yet!”





Michael Chekhov Technique’s “Best Kept Secrets”- on-camera techniques, focusing solely on close-up work.
Prerequisite to this class is:
Michael Chekhov Technique 1.
Marjo-Riikka only takes max 6 actors in this class, so it fills very fast, please make sure we have a spot for you before making your payment, thank you!




 “We must not compete with other actors. This is waste of our energy and puts our focus in an unhelpful place. We must practice empathy. We must share the situation of this particular human being, your character, with our whole being (Atmosphere, Psychological Gesture, Specific Quality of How etc.) This is how your character may win a life and you may book the part! Acting is not a profession of competing with other actors, but rather a vocation of sharing with fellow human beings.”
~ Marjo-Riikka Makela





Applying the Michael Chekhov Technique to performance.
Our signature scene study class, be it on stage, or on camera!


(By audition/invitation only)
In addition to the Scene Study; the Master Class is assembled periodically throughout the year for an advanced exploration of the Michael Chekhov Technique via professionally directed scene work leading to a performance. Students may be invited to audition after advancing in their Scene Study Classes. The Master Class is a professional level class. 

(*Prior training with Ms. Makela/Audition required)


Weekly semi-private sessions with Marjo-Riikka, focusing solely on you and your ability to connect with another actor & your imagination ON CAMERA. Semi-privates focus on moment-to-moment scene work with two actors. Depending on the actors and their goals, Marjo-Riikka designs the session to handle a specific need (such as “Crying on Cue” or creating an “Atmosphere” etc.) MAX 2 ACTORS


Focusing fully on specific need (Audition Coaching, On Set, Film and TV prep, etc.) *Celebrity clients appreciate our discretion. As a policy we do not publish our client list. Please have your agent/manager contact Ms. Makela directly at


– PRIVATE COACHING ($135/hour)
–  SCRIPT BREAKDOWN (10 hours of work together with the actor/director, $500/script)

“Inspiration is a sensation in the body. It can be invited upon your will and willingness to experience it taking you over! ~ Marjo-Riikka Makela   


“Nerves” are just unfocused energy. It’s good news that you have energy running through you, it means you are alive! his energy (the nerves) can be transformed into anything you need at the moment for your acting via your Imagination, Qualities of Movement and Atmosphere work! And truly, one of the major things you need to do is to learn to focus your energy into the the things that are HELPFUL for you at any given acting moment. Unbroken line of actions is a necessity! Focus and concentration with a feeling of ease is gained by knowing where to focus at any given acting moment. True concentration is not only an intellectual thing, it is a whole body sensation of “being with”, “breathing the other in”, allowing something and some one to effect your character through your instrument. You can concentrate on your scene partner (if one is provided) to an image, to an atmosphere appropriate for the scene, to a sensation in the body etc. The reason why an actor feels lost, is very often that he/she hasn’t made a committed choice where they place their concentration at every moment of the scene within his/her unbroken line of actions. Which moments are you doing/sending/exhaling and which moments are you being done to/receiving/inhaling…. To know how to concentrate and where to target your focus with your whole being is essential!” ~ Marjo-Riikka Makela We cannot display this galleryWe cannot display this gallery

Overcoming Audition-Nerves Workshop with Marjo-Riikka Makela“Great acting is behavior growing out of character’s Experience. What we don’t enjoy witnessing is actor “indicating” an experience, or faking an emotional state, which happens when an actor is pushing out emotions and behavior with out the actual experience in his/her instrument. I want to see you Experience and behave out of that specific human condition, while fighting over your character’s objective with the specificity in “How” true to your character! And what is this Experience that I’m so after, then? It is the sensations that run through your body. Without the body emotions wouldn’t feel like anything. They would be simply ideas. Emotions are experienced in the body as sensations which are never still; they wash, run, slash through you (just like they happen to the character you’re playing=experiencing life through and with) We don’t happen to the emotions, they happen to us. Without the body you can not experience anything. This is why I want to fine tune your instrument to be open, flexible and sensitive for all artistic impulses, and all sensations, so that you can be in the experience of now with your Whole Being.”… ~ Marjo-Riikka Makela  


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Please note that as we honor our individualized-actor-training-policy, our class size is limited , and therefore they fill in very fast, and your spot will be guaranteed only upon receipt of your deposit check or Paypal payment. The remaining balance will be payable in full on the first day of classes. You may guarantee your spot by paying the full class amount by credit card via the secure PayPal checkout below or by mailing in your deposit within three days of making your initial reservation.


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