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. We wholeheartedly believe that acting is a profession of joy. Even when the character is suffering, a part of the actor’s creative being will be enjoying the ride.
3. We look for those who want to expand their ability for empathy, widen their emotional and physical range, and find organic ways to achieve character transformation, these being some of the key elements to our technique.
4. It is time for you to be seen. Therefore, we won’t let you hide in a crowd of people. For the utmost positive effect on your acting, we keep our class size to as small as 6 actors/session, and only accept maximum of 12 people in our classes at all times.
5. In our classes you are never alone or uninspired. You will consistently find inspiration, not only by the limited means of personal experiences, but also by the limitless means of imagination.1. We train brave actors, and we are brave teachers. 1Our teachers will only ask from you what they are willing to give of themselves: Everything!1. We train brave actors, and we are brave teachers.