Choose What Compliments Your Purpose

“It must be so nice to be able to do what you love for a living.”

I have heard that a lot recently.

Yes it is.
Though “nice” cannot carry the weight or the size of what it means to do what you LOVE for a living.

It is not only nice.
It is not always nice at all.
It is also always a choice.

It is a life lived with PURPOSE within your WHOLE BEING.
It is LIFE filled with CHOICES that compliment that PURPOSE.

Why is it a choice? I’ll tell you why and HOW.

In the 20-years of doing what I LOVE…I have..
1. …done it for free
2. …done it for “pay what you can”
3. ..paid to do it (Yes I have paid to learn to act, direct & teach)
4. …done it EVERY DAY
5. … been often very tired & very happy.
(I call it state of being “well spent”)

With rare exceptions, I have always worked 7 days a week, and on top of that I choose to engage in activities that support and nourish my growth to DO WHAT I LOVE and BECOME BETTER AT IT CONSTANTLY.

No one can waiver my focus.
(if you can waiver my focus, you must either teach me how you did it, or you must leave, so i can figure it out myself ;))

There are people who talk about “all the sacrifices we artists must make”. I don’t see it that way, at all.

I have never sacrificed anything.

It is not sacrifice this profession takes.
It takes LOVE, commitment, perseverance, skills and faith.
If anything needs to be sacrificed it is ones ego.

Thanks for listening :)

I don’t do this for living.
I live to do this ;)

Copyright: Marjo-Riikka Makela